Bring the Serenity and Fun back into your home

A Little About Me
I'm a mom of 5 kids who thought I could go on forever just doing what had to be done. Everyone kept telling me how strong I was, how amazing of a parent I was, how they were in awe of how I could do all that I do. I believed them. So I didn't take care of myself. I didn't work on anything but what I thought was 'necessary'. I thought my husband and the kids were happy. Then I crashed my car. Twice. I needed to stop and look at myself and make some changes. My family was desperate for change. They weren't happy. They were just like me - on a path to burnout. Then I learned the skills I needed to bring fun and serenity back into our life and my heart. Join me and learn these skills for youself. It's time to bring fun and serenity back into your home too.

Live a Life you Love
You aren't failing, you just haven't learned the skills.
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